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Cass County Motorsports will be promoting the "Halloween Havoc" Demolition Derby and full Night of Destruction at the M-40 Speedway.  The action starts at 5:00pm on October 21st. The derby will be open to the first 20 big cars and the first 20 small cars that register. Drivers ages 16-17 must have a waiver signed by a parent/ guardian. Drivers 16-17 must also pre-register for the derby by no later than October 13th 2017. Please view our site for car rules and registration for the event. Our Derby will have a total purse payout of over $4000 not including all of the other events. We will also be raffling a built car for a spectators chance to join in the action and have a chance to win their part of the purse!
Please contact: Shane Nelson at 269-845-6523 for questions.